Our Construction Services

JG Construction specializes in various building projects including high-rise and industrial construction. We specialize in concrete forming & concrete placing. No matter the project, we are constantly striving to improve our processes by working closely with our clients and keeping environmentally friendly best practices in mind.

Structural Concrete

At JG Pacific Construction, we stand as seasoned professionals, encompassing every facet of the construction domain, with a focus on elevating the art of Structural Concrete. Our deep comprehension and expertise of the cast-in-place process set us apart as leaders in construction, proficiently managing all aspects of these foundations across low, middle, and high-rise structures in British Columbia, Canada.

Concrete Forming

Our concrete forming crews are industry experts, showcasing their professionalism, comprising a team of extensively trained specialists. We adeptly handle a diverse range of projects from residential, commercial, and industrial.

  • Scaffold Systems
  • Standard Gang Wall / Column Forms
  • Blind Wall Forming Systems
  • Steel Shoring
  • Self-Climbing Formwork
  • Assembled Gang Wall Systems
  • Fly Form (tables)
  • Free Form Systems (Brackets/Bolts/Wedges)

Concrete Placing

Precision in every pour defines our approach as a leading structural concrete company. With a focus on excellence, our dedicated team of professionals ensures that each pour is executed with accurate placement of concrete.

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